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Drawings by Zachary "hopper1000" Waltman

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chilling spree Party Time (sold)fucked world (sold) suncoast Infinity Crush (sold) Hopper1000 radio Flyer Highest Function Of Love (sold) Happy 4th of July (sold) LOC (sold) Untitled (sold) BP1 (sold) Mookie (given to a loved one) Waterbird (sold) Untitled (sold) Stefan's Window (given to loved one) "> Janice (sold) pokemon series pokemon series
domino eskimo Brotherhood (sold) hopper1000 (sold) Chill Summer (sold) live jazz (sold) Fantasy (sold) cool cat chris (given to loved one) 89 City (sold) Gainesville, FL (sold) Original hopper1000 radio Flyer (sold) Pink Lemonade (sold) hopper1000 SCREWLUMINATI (sold) Rotten Apple (gave to a loved one) Schoolbus (sold) ZAC 777 (sold)Untitled (sold) pokemon series pokemon series pokemon series
keep on living J Dragon (tattoo comission) 777 master mind 72 (sold) Every Dog Has Its Day (given to mother) divine peacock 89 Anarchy (sold) Survivor Boyz 2021 (given to loved one) Twist 89 (sold) Where the bitches at? (sold) 89 Teeth (sold) Mikey (sold) Hidden (given to loved one) Gunsmoke (sold) Untitled (sold) Blaster hopper1000 x MOM$ (sold) pokemon series pokemon series